Discovering Delight


If you are looking for a Christian devotional focusing on loving God’s law, Discovering Delight by Glenda Mathes is a great choice. The book is divided into 31 different sections, making it a practical month-long study guide, for either personal use or as part of a group.

Each daily devotional includes a Bible passage, so after you read the author’s thoughts, you can meditate on the meaning of the Scripture. Each of the 31 sections also lists handy discussion questions, allowing readers to expand on the material they just read. Since the daily devotionals are only a few pages long, they do not take much time to get through, yet they still contain important and valuable insight. Much of the book focuses on Psalm 119, so readers who would like to concentrate on that chapter of the Bible will especially enjoy the book. Personally, my favorite devotionals were Day #16, Fiery Trials, and Day #18, Sweet Delight.

All in all, Glenda Mathes’ book is thought-provoking and gracefully written. This devotional book is a great way to bring yourself closer to God. You may read the devotionals in the morning, but the words will resonate with you throughout the day.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. You can find the book here on Amazon.


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