Choosing Him All Over Again


Choosing Him All Over Again is the true story of Juana Mikels, a married woman in her 20s who felt like she had chosen “Mr. Wrong.” [Spoilers ahead.] Juana and her husband Terry separated, but their story did not end there; through perseverance and God’s guiding hand, Juana and Terry were able to reunite, build a strong marriage, and raise four children together.

The best thing about the book is that it is enjoyable to read. Mikels writes in a captivating, well-written manner; readers will not only be able to relate to Juana and Terry, but cheer them on as they overcome their obstacles. It was interesting to read about this part of Juana’s life, learning what ultimately led to her reunion with Terry. Choosing Him All Over Again is definitely a “feel good” book, and it’s great to see Juana and her husband triumph at the end, as she and Terry get back together.

This book will especially appeal to Christians, married or engaged women, or fans of Juana Mikel’s blog. Because the book is written from a Biblical perspective, it would make a helpful study guide for couples’ counseling or a woman’s Bible study.

I received a review copy from Ambassador International. You can find the book here on Amazon.

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