At Home in Last Chance


At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong is an intriguing story about twenty-something Kaitlyn, a girl who comes home to Last Chance, New Mexico, back to the 7-year-old daughter she abandoned months earlier. The book deals with important themes regarding love, guilt, and family relationships.

Fans of Christian romance will enjoy this book as they read about Kaitlyn’s relationship with Steven, a lovable rogue. Some interesting parts of the book take place in the diner where Kaitlyn works – the Dip ‘n’ Dine – and Armstrong goes in to vivid detail when describing the surroundings. Armstrong has nicely included some humor into the dialogue. The book has a slow-moving, laid-back feel, which pleasantly transports readers to the (somewhat) idyllic town of Last Chance.

At first I thought I wouldn’t like Kaitlyn’s character, since she had abandoned her daughter, but Armstrong transforms Kaitlyn into a likable and relatable character, and it’s easy for readers to root for her. As for other characters, I found Chris to be admirable, and Livvy to be darling. One of my favorite characters was Elizabeth, who showed great strength and perseverance.

I am glad that the book was written in third person, because it made the characters seem more like an ensemble cast, allowing readers to get involved in their individual stories. This was the first book I had read of Cathleen Armstrong’s, and it made me eager to read more of Armstrong’s books.

I received a review copy from Revell. You can find the book here on Amazon. 

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