For the Joy Set Before Us


There are some stories that are overwhelmingly encouraging and inspiring, and For the Joy Set Before Us by Erica Fye is one of those stories. The book chronicles Fye’s work as a missionary in Uganda, discussing her trials and tribulations, as well as her joyous triumphs. I think this is a great book for anyone considering going into the mission field; it shows how difficult things can be, but also shows the rewarding nature of spreading God’s Love. Throughout the book, Fye excellentingly weaves related Bible verses and anecdotes about Jesus Christ, and she wraps up the book discussing how people can be saved through Christ.

Erica Fye is a remarkable woman, and I enjoyed reading about the events in her life that led to her move to Uganda. For people unfamiliar with Uganda, this book will give a good idea about the conditions there. The recommended reading list at the end of the book was very helpful. I thought the culture shock and reentry shock that Fye talked about was really interesting; it’s thought-provoking to think about the psychologicial changes that missionaries have to go through after returning to their home countries. One thing I love about this book is that it sends so many positive messages.

I received a review copy from BookCrash. The book can be found here on Amazon.

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