Buried Secrets


I love a book full of mystery and suspense, and Buried Secrets by Irene Hannon delivers just that. I like how the book not only centers around an intriguing mystery, but also includes a nice romance story. Buried Secrets unfolds at a nice pace. The plot moves quickly, allowing the reader to not become bored, and the dialogue flows smoothly. The characters are well developed and quick-witted, and I liked picking apart Chief Grant’s brain.

Buried Secrets is part of a series, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. The small-town setting makes for an interesting story, and Grant’s past as a homicide detective, coupled with MacGregor’s experience as a Navy SEAL, gives the book interesting elements. The cover of this book is very enticing with its raised lettering; it draws the reader in. Fortunately, I found the inside of the book to be as good as the outside. The book shares some of the typical elements of detective novels, which is a good thing if you love this genre. If you enjoy mysteries, romance novels, or just a good story filled with suspense, Buried Secrets is a great book to check out.

I received a Review copy from Revell. The book can be found here on Amazon.

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