When Sinners Say I Do (DVD)


When Sinners Say I Do by Dave Harvey is an eight-session video series covering the topics of Sin, Design, Contentment, Mercy, Sex, and Stubborn Grace. Harvey discusses our sin, how that impacts marriage, and what a Christian marriage should look like. The DVD is based on the book of the same name. I think that it’s great that this material is available as a DVD; it would work well in a small group setting, or as something that an engaged or married couple could watch together. Additionally, the DVD could be used as part of a premarital counseling course.

I liked that Harvey’s message was founded on Biblical principles,  and I enjoyed the Scriptures that he referenced throughout the sessions. He is a great speaker, and his message is relevant to young couples today. When approaching marriage, we as humans may be sinners, but we also have God’s mercy and grace, and He can use this to transform our marriages. There are a lot of marriage books and DVDs out there, and many talk about similar things, such as communication, love, and committment. Though this DVD discusses these things, it is rooted in how the power of the Gospel can radically change our marriages, making it a wonderful tool.

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. The DVD is available here on Amazon.

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