Uncovering the Life of Jesus


Uncovering the Life of Jesus by Rebecca Manley Pippert features six evangelistic Bible studies focusing on the Gospel of Luke. The book is nicely formatted, and includes blank space for notes, making it an easy-to-use study book. Each of the six studies start with a question and have an explanatory “Historical context section.” The source texts that the study sections are based on are pointed out; for example, they are written in the form of “Read Source Text: Luke 18 v 35-43.” The snippets at the end of the chapter, asking “So what does it mean for me?” bring the passages to us on a personal level, as we are challenged to evaluate what these Bible stories mean to us personally.

The entire book is 61 pages, but it is packed with thoughtful and insightful information. The questions that Pippert includes in each session really dig deep into the material, and are great to go through as an individual or in a group. My favorite part of the book was the third chapter, which discusses the prodigal son, but each chapter had something to offer. If you want to explore Jesus’ encounters with others in the Gospel of Luke, this is an excellent study.

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. The book is available here on Amazon.

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