The Legacy


The Legacy, by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley, is a story about Doug Anderson, a college kid who is making bad choices and going down the wrong path in life. The book is a great coming-of-age story. Although this is the fourth book in The Restoration Series, people who have not read the previous books can easily jump in. Also, fans of the first three books will see a continuation of the series, with similar elements and characters from the previous books woven into the story.

It was nice seeing Doug and Christina’s relationship progress throughout the book, and it was interesting comparing and constrasting Doug and Christina’s struggles. Though many readers will not have had similar struggles, both characters are easy to relate to. The story had a nice flow. If you’re looking for a Christian fiction novel with themes of grace and restoration, this is a good choice. The book is a great testament to how God can transform people’s lives. The Legacy sends an encouraging message, showing readers how faith in God can restore you, and that it’s not to late to change your path in life.

I received a review copy from Revell. The book is available here on Amazon.

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