Bella’s Gift


Bella’s Gift, by Rick and Karen Santorum (with Elizabeth Santorum), is a touching story about a family’s love. Though Rick Santorum is a political figure, this book doesn’t focus on politics, and the story of this child is one that can appeal to Republicans and Democrats alike. Bella’s Gift tells the amazing story of Isabella Santorum and the impact that her beautiful life has made on others. Shortly after her birth, Bella was diangosed with Trisomy 18 and expected to soon die, yet she has lived on, and continues to bless those around her.

A great thing about Bella’s Gift is that it brings a lot of attention to Trisomy 18, since many people are unfamiliar with it. The book also tells a lot of backstory of what was going on in Rick Santorum’s personal life during his Presidential run, which I found interesting; it’s nice to compare the “public face” of candidates to their personal memoirs.

Throughout the book, the Santorums frequently talk about the meaning of unconditional love, and how Bella has helped them understand unconditional love more fully. This book truly is a testament to this family’s great love for one another, and the Santorums are definitely very blessed to have Bella as a daughter.

I received a review copy from BookLook Bloggers. Bella’s Gift is available here on Amazon.

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