Rejection Proof


Most of us dislike rejection. New entrepreneur Jia Jiang disliked rejection so much that he challenged himself to 100 days of it. By creating social experiments that would most likely end in rejection – such as asking a stranger for 100 dollars – Jiang was able to desensitive himself to rejection’s sting and overcome his fears, and write this stellar book, Rejection Proof. The book not only discusses Jiang’s entrepreneural experiment, but also shows Jiang’s journey into entrepreneurship.

I thought Jiang’s social experiment was really interesting, and he definitely showed a lot of bravery – and ingenuity – in his efforts and achievements. Sometimes when we are faced with rejection, we are tempted to just walk away, but Jiang goes a step further, exploring why he was rejected; often others reject us for reasons we are not aware of, making the rejection a learning experience that will help us with our future endeavors.

Virtually all books have negative reviews, and with all of Jiang’s rejection training, I am sure that he is able to handle criticism from his reviews. However, I really can’t say anything bad about this book – it’s engaging, unique, and very inspiring!

I received a review copy from Blogging for Books. Rejection Proof is available here on Amazon.

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