The Epic of God


The Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis by Michael Whitworth is a great commentary that dives deep into the text of Genesis. Some Biblical commentaries can be rather dry, but this was very interesting to read. The book is packed with so much information, as well as discussion points to spur further conversation. It had something that “drew me in” – I just really related to Whitworth’s commentary. I feel like this book would greatly encourage Christians in their study of the Bible.

I like Whitworth’s writing style, because the text is very thorough and informative, but still easy to read. You can tell that the author is very knowledgable. The book is well organized, and you can easily find a specific passage of Genesis that you want to expound on, since the commentary sections are grouped by chapter (i.e. Genesis 23), or for more detailed chapters, by groups of verses (i.e. Genesis 25: 1 – 11). This is the best commentary on Genesis I’ve ever read, because not only is it meticulous, but it was fun to read. If you’re currently studying Genesis, this book is a great companion.

I received a review copy from BookCrash. You can buy The Epic of God here on Amazon. 

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