History, Law, and Christianity


Who is Jesus Christ? Is his common depiction historically accurate? Is the Bible true?

Questions related to Jesus Christ and the Bible are constantly being disputed by scholars, and in John Warwick Montgomery’s apologetics book, History, Law, and Christianity, he explores these questions. The book is concise – just 102 pages – but it is packed with meaty information, making it a very informative read. The book is well formatted, and Montgomery not only presents his facts very well, but also gives the reader a good deal of historical information along the way.

The book includes some interesting charts and graphs. At times, I felt like I was reading a very interesting textbook. I really liked the section where Montgomery talks about how Jesus placed his stamp of approval on the Bible, and also when Montgomery disputed the claims that Jesus was a charlatan or lunatic. Besides offering a lot of information in and of itself, this book provokes a lot of questions for further study, and Montgomery includes a list of resources for further study at the end of the book.

History, Law, and Christianity would be a good book to read in a college class on religion. And if a Christian wants to defend his faith, this book would be an excellent tool.

I received a review copy from Cross Focused Reviews. The book is availabe here on Amazon.

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