Moment by Moment


Moment by Moment: A Devotional Journal for Girls by Jennifer Flanders is a great book, combining elements of a diary, devotional, and activity book. Not only is it fun, but it’s very Scripture-based, and can help young girls grow in their writing, creativity, and most importantly, their love for the Lord. The book is presented in a very artistic way, and also includes cute old-fashioned drawings. Moment by Moment is full of open-ended prompts, making it easy for girls to write what they want – whether it’s a poem, list, or paragraph of ideas. Personally, I really enjoy making Bible verse drawing journals (where I draw a picture based on a specific verse), and this book had plenty of pages with verse prompts, inspiring girls to write or draw their related thoughts.

Creative girls will really enjoy the various pages of the book, such as the page devoted to listing their favorite things (colors, foods, authors, etc.), or others that provide Scripture references to look up. Reading this book will allow girls to explore their interests, while simultaneously learning Bible verses. If you gave this book as a gift to a young girl, I imagine she would be very excited to receive it. I had previously read Flander’s book Get Up and Go!, and while this book is completely different, it shows how Flanders consistently creates quality products.

I received a review copy from BookCrash. Moment by Moment is available here on Amazon.

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