As Love Blooms


In The Gregory Sisters series, Lorna Seilstad focuses on a different sister in each book. And the newest book in the series, As Love Blooms, is all about the tenacious Tessa Gregory, who is trying to get into a world-class conservatory and work as a horticulturist, and meanwhile meets a handsome gardener named Reese.

The book is set against the intriguing historical setting of early 20th century Saint Paul, Minnesota, so you may learn a lot of history while reading this. But this book isn’t just a period piece; it also has nice elements of mystery and suspense. It was also interesting how Seilstad intertwined women’s suffrage and equality into the plot. Seilstad’s writing is very descriptive, and for those who are interested in horticulture, it has a nice gardening theme.

I really admired Tessa’s character – she is a strong, smart, and assertive character. I liked watching Tessa and Reese’s relationship progress throughout the story. I’m also glad that they started out as friends, because it created interesting dialogue.  It’s nice to find a clean (and Christian) romance novel. Readers may be drawn to this book for a variety of reasons – such as its romance, mystery, suspense, or gardening theme – and they will find that it is a very well-written and interesting story.

I received a review copy from Revell. As Love Blooms is available here on Amazon.

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