Better and Faster


I like books that inspire, encourage, and motivate. I like books that challenge me – books that give me new ideas about things. Jeremy Gutsche’s book Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas is all of these things.

I’m not a CEO like Gutsche, but I am an entrepreneur, so I appreciated reading about his tips on efficiency and ways to become more successful. He makes a lot of great points, and the book has a nice mix of stories, anecdotes, and advice. Throughout the book, I learned a variety of things about different leaders and the strategies that they implent to be successful. I expected to enjoy this book because it was inspirational, but I ended up enjoying this book most because of facts I learned. (Fun fact: in 2011, Warner Brothers boughts Rotten Tomatoes and Flickster.)

Gutsch is a tech-savvy author, and the book enlightens readers on an assortment of subjects related to entrepreneurism on the web (as well as many other topics). I enjoyed reading his discussion about Fiverr, since I am somewhat familiar with that site. Better and Faster is well formatted, with different topics grouped into small sections throughout the chapters, making it easy reading that motivates the mind.

I received a review copy from Blogging for Books. Better and Faster is available here on Amazon.

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