25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife


In 25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife: A Handbook for Husbands, author Doug Flanders, MD, highlights different ways to show love and appreciation toward one’s wife. Flanders offers great advice, and the book has a lot of good lessons, relating to topics such as learning to forgive, staying away from emotional affairs, and practicing common courtesies toward your wife. This book would be a good tool for a husband who needs marriage counseling, or for a husband in a healthy relationship who wants to go the extra mile and show his wife he really appreciates her. And though it’s written for husbands, a wife could read this book and pick up a lot of useful relationship information.

This book was enjoyable to read. I liked when Flanders listed different prayer ideas (i.e. praying for his wife’s brain, eyes, heart, etc.), along with correlating Bible verses. Flander’s list of date ideas were creative, and Chapter 18, Cherish Her Children, included a section of important (and fun) things to do with and teach your kids. I appreciated the Biblical theme and Scripture verses intertwined throughout the book, and I liked the story about how Jennifer took the pieces of china that Doug had broken in anger, and used them to make a mosaic mirror frame. The principles discussed in this book, like taking time to listen or enhancing communication skills, are good advice for anyone.

I received a review copy from BookCrash. The book is available here on Amazon.

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