Fast Freddy


Fast Freddy is an inspiring and adorable children’s book, written by Lee Ann Mancini and illustrated by Dan Sharp.

Freddy is different from the other sea creatures at his school; he’s half-shark, half octopus. At first, Freddy’s classmates make fun of him because he’s different, but then they come to realize how unique, special, and gifted he is. Freddy joins the school swim team, and is their star swimmer as they compete against the fast Barracudas. The book sends a great message, telling kids that it’s okay to be different. (As Freddy’s teacher Miss Mermaid says, “Being different can be cool.”)

This book not only gives a great anti-bullying message, but it also incorporates positive Christian elements. Furthermore, Sharp’s drawings are simply beautiful. Looking at the pages feels like stepping into a gorgeous animated film. The plot develops at a nice pace, and the story flows well. This would be a wonderful bedtime story (or anytime-story) for kids. There’s even a fish symbol hidden on each page for the kids to find!

I received a review copy from BookCrash in exchange for an honest review – and I’m so glad I did! This is a book I hope to read to my kids someday. The book is available here on Amazon.

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