Hearts Made Whole


If you’re going to read one fiction book this summer, check out Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund.

It’s 1865, and Caroline Taylor has taken over running the Windmill Point Lighthouse in Michigan, which is frowned upon because she’s a woman. The lighthouse inspector brings in Civil War veteran Ryan Chambers to replace Caroline, even though he’s not very efficient at his job. The book explores gender roles, as well as adding in romance along the way.

Most fiction books I read are interesting, but this one was captivating. Hedlund wrote in a manner that drew me in. The characters were very fleshed out. They felt real.

Caroline is a kind, admirable character, and Ryan is roguish yet likable. The book had a lot of twists and turns, and it was not predictable. I thought the storyline near the end revolving Caroline, Tessa, and Ryan was an unexpected twist, and it allowed the story to move forward in an interesting direction. I’m glad Christian elements were weaved into the book, and it was great to see the characters turn to God.

This isn’t Hedlund’s only book about a lighthouse – it’s part of the series Beacons of Hope, alongside the books Out of the Storm and Love Unexpected.  You can tell the author has done a lot of historical research, and reading the book was like learning a subtle history lesson.

I received a review copy from Bethany House. Hearts Made Whole is available here on Amazon.

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