Devotions from the Garden


Devotions from the Garden: Finding Peace and Rest from Your Hurried Life, with Miriam Drennen, is a lovely collection of Christian devotions. The devotions are garden themed, relating topics such as greenhouses and pesticide to God’s Word.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, and this book serves as a great reminder that sometimes we need to slow down. Two of my favorite devotions were Noah’s Vineyard and The Mustard Seed. The book is thick – it consists of 223 pages – but each devotion is concise, allowing you to read it quickly and meditate on it in one sitting.

Each devotion starts with a Bible verse, and the devotions themselves are well written. The author uses good examples to prove her points, and her description is rich and powerful. The book also includes beautiful color photographs of flowers and plants.

This is a great devotional book, especially for a woman. There are so many topics addressed in this book, such as trusting in God and going through the various seasons of life. It would be fun to read this book while outside – whether in a garden or backyard – while appreciating the beauty of God’s creation.

I received a review copy from BookLook. Devotions from the Garden is available here on Amazon.

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