Brett Parks: Miracle Man

brett parks

Brett Parks: Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life (by Brett Parks) is a story of hope and inspiration. In October 2012, Brett Parks was shot by a mugger. He nearly died, and his road to recovery included a 20-day coma, multiple surgeries, and an amputation. Parks was a Navy airman and fitness trainer, but he never had to face anything like this.

It was very eye-opening to read about his experience waking up from the coma. It was also educational to read about the thoughts running through his head after he woke up and the emotions he experienced as he was recovering. His journey of recovery was inspiring and encouraging. He went through a tremendous ordeal and still prevailed. Parks is a good writer and presents his story well. The pictures included throughout the book were a nice touch, and the stories about his childhood were great to read. I also liked the chapters focusing on his wife and children.

In the book, Parks talks about his faith in Jesus Christ and how he leaned on God. He includes a lot of great Bible verses. I loved his analyzations in the chapter, “Was it worth it?” I liked reading about his recovery progress, and the goals he made for himself, such as running a big race. Parks had a long road to recovery, but he travelled the road with a perseverant spirit. Brett Parks truly is a miracle man, and his story is amazing.

I received a review copy from Ambassador International. The book is available here at Ambassador International.


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