In Our Backyard


In Our Backyard: Human Trafficking in America and What We Can Do To End It by Nita Belles talks about the epidemic of sex trafficking in the United States, and provides solutions to end it.

The book mentions a lot of statistics that are important to know. The stories included in this book were very educational, discussing the big problem we have in the United States. Sex trafficking isn’t just something that affects runaways, or people in lower socioeconomic groups. Victims can come from good families, in affluent neighborhoods. Many of the victims are minors, and they have no idea what they are getting into. This book explains how victims are preyed upon, and how they unknowingly enter, and become trapped, in a life of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not being addressed enough, despite the high number of victims. Even though America can never get rid of sex slavery as a whole, people can do a lot to decrease it, and that’s why books like this are important. They educate people on the problem, providing ways they can help.


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