Once Upon a Summertime


Summertime. New York City. Romance. Those are three key ingredients that make up the recipe for Melody Carlson’s novel Once Upon a Summertime: A New York City Romance. The book, which I received as a review copy from Revell, focuses on Anna Gordon, who manages a small hotel in her small hometown. It’s a stable choice for Anna, but she longs for the city life, so she moves to New York City. Not only is Anna chasing after her career dreams in NYC, but she also bumps into her childhood crush, Sean O’Neil. Anna and Sean are both interested in the same management hotel position – but they may also be interested in each other.

The book was sweet and charming. It was somewhat predictable, which I liked. Carlson is a good writer. I also liked getting a peak into the inner workings of the hotel industry. Anna is an admirable, hard-working character. Even though many things don’t go Anna’s way in life, she’s still able to prevail. The book is fun, easy reading, and it’s a happy, feel-good type of story. The characters are well-developed, and the story is very wholesome. It definitely captured my interest.

Since we’re halfway through June, it’s a great time to read this summer-themed book! Once Upon a Summertime is available here on Amazon. 

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