Give Yourself a Break


Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves that it’s detrimental. Things go wrong in life, and even though the situations are complicated, we easily blame ourselves, racking our brains with guilt. In the book Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend, Kim Fredrickson wonderfully addresses this issue.

Some self-help books don’t really help. This one does. Fredrickson offers great advice, and I like how she tells the reader how to talk to yourself compassionately. There are many times when people should not be given breaks, but this book is not talking about those times. Sometimes people are their own biggest critic, and this book will help people with those emotions.

The book offered a lot of helpful anecdotes and examples, as well as thoughtful reflection questions. I thought the self-soothing exercises she suggested were really important. I am also glad that the author explored some reasons why people don’t give themselves breaks. Fredrickson includes a lot of great Bible passages, and the book has an underlying Biblical theme. This book is very encouraging, and I’m sure it will help a lot of people!

I received a review copy from Revell. The book is available here on Amazon.

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