Little Adventures Princess Dresses

little2cinderella  little3

Playfully Ever After has a wide variety of beautiful, functional, and durable Little Adventures Princess Dresses. I received the Rapunzel dress, the Cinderella dress, and the Pink Parisian dress, all of which were gorgeous and very well-made. There were no surprises, and the dresses looked just like the pictures. Each dress is made with soft materials (and they’re machine washable). The dresses look very pretty and elegant, with ornate trim.

Rapunzel dress: If you’re looking for a dress to mimick Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled, this is a really great option. I rubbed my fingers over the sparkly sections of the dress to see if any glitter would come off (which sometimes happens with sparkly dresses), but no glitter or sparkly substances ended up on my hands.

Pink Parisian dress: I love the soft pink color, which is nicely accentuated with gold trim. The Pink Parisian dress has some structural similarities to Little Adventures’ Rapunzel dress, so the Rapunzel and Parisian dress definitely make a nice set.

Cinderella dress: This dress includes a lot of sequins, trim, and a sequined applique, but they all seem to be very well sewn into the dress. The cap sleeves are a great feature, making this a nice play dress for warmer months.

To sum it up, these dresses were wonderful! You can check out more products from Playfully Ever After here.

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