Irish Meadows


Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason is the story of two very different sisters living in 1911 Long Island. Brianna O’Leary is a smart, quiet girl who dreams of attending college, whereas her sister, the vivacious Colleen, is set on getting married soon.

I was first drawn to this story because of its Irish theme, yet what I loved most about it was the intriguing storyline. With two sisters, two romances, and the story’s beautiful setting, it reminded me of beloved books such as Sense and Sensibility or Anne of Green Gables. I liked the various themes incorporated into the book, such as what it means to be selfless. The main characters definitely face their share of obstacles, but I’m glad they were able to overcome their troubles.

I received a review copy from Bethany House. Irish Meadows is available here on Amazon.

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