Ecooda Maelstrom 2000 Baitrunner


I received the Ecooda Maelstrom 2000 Baitrunner from Epoisedon, and I am very impressed with this fishing reel. It has great features, including a “Wonder Dome” spool, triple carbon fiber drag washers, and a stainless steel main shaft. The baitrunner is built with a sturdy, easy-to-use structure, and I appreciate the anti-glare finish. It has smooth reeling action and works like it should.

The company says: “The Maelstrom bait runner reel lets a fish bite live bait without feeling the line or your drag. When you’re ready to set the hook, a turn of the handle or a flip of the main drag lever instantly gives you the maximum drag. You can set the secondary drag to zero to let line out or add just enough tension to control live the action of your live bait.”

The Maelstrom 2000 is a great reel for a great price, and it provides a pleasant reeling experience. You can find it here on Amazon.

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