Hand Grip Strengtheners: Supreme Squeeze vs Flawless Fitness


I tested out two hand grip strengtheners: one by Supreme Squeeze (which I purchased at a discount), and one by Flawless Fitness (which I received for free). And because of its comfort and practical design, my favorite model was definitely the Supreme Squeeze.

The Supreme Squeeze grip is comfortably padded with foam handle grips, but for customers who would rather use the tool without the foam, they can remove the outer padding. Unlike Flawless Fitness’ grip, the Supreme Squeeze comes with two grips, so you can use them on both hands at the same time. I found the Flawless Fitness grip to be less comfortable – not only because there was no foam padding, but also because my hands simply did not feel as good when using the grip.

You can find the Supreme Squeeze grips here, and the Flawless Fitness grip here.

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