Chocolate Covered Cashews


When Wiley Baxter stopped at a store to buy a bag of chocolate covered cashews in November 2010, he had no idea that it would change his life forever. While in the store, his former wife recognized him, and a few months later, he received a call from a 35-year-old woman named Faith, who thought she might be his daughter. Wiley and Faith’s mother had been married when they were young, but she left him after only two years of marriage. Wiley found out afterwards that she was pregnant, but she claimed the baby was not his.

After Faith called Wiley, they arranged a DNA test, and discovered that Faith was, in fact, Wiley’s daughter. Additionally, Faith had a twin sister, Grace, meaning that Wiley had two grown daughters, as well as four grandchildren. After his divorce from Faith and Grace’s mom, Wiley had remarried, but he and his second wife Irene had no children. Wiley and Faith soon met Faith and Grace and their families, finding themselves immeasurably blessed.

The book is written in a heartwarming conversational style, and readers learn all about Wiley’s life, faith, and family. Though the story is bittersweet, since Wiley was not present during his twins’ childhoods, it also shows how even when life does not go as planned, it can still be rich and rewarding. I liked that the book also included testimonies written by Irene and Grace. The story is a testament to the surprises that life gives us; Wiley had no idea that buying chocolate covered cashews would change the course of his life, just as we often underestimate how little events can shape our lives in big ways.

I received a copy from BookLook. Chocolate Covered Cashews is available here on Amazon. 

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