Through Waters Deep


Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin is a historical fiction and romance novel about Jim Avery, a naval officer, and Mary Stirling, a Boston Navy Yard secretary. It’s 1941, and after evidence of sabotage is found on the USS Atwood, Jim and Mary go undercover to find the culprit.

I really liked the World War II theme of the book. Like Sundin’s real-life grandfather, my grandfather also served as a medic in WWII, so this story was very dear to me. The book is not only well-written and interesting, but it also provides valuable historical information. The plot’s action is exciting, and the romance story is sweet. The characters are well-rounded, and both Jim and Mary come across as very likeable. Throughout the book, Sundin maintains a nice mix of romance, mystery, and suspense.

I received a copy from Revell. Through Waters Deep is available here on Amazon.

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