AZSPORT Silicone Swim Cap


Silicone swim caps are a popular choice for avid swimmers, so I tested out AZSPORT’s silicone swim cap. For those with latex reactions, silicone caps (as well as lycra and neoprene caps) are a good alternative. Silicone caps also tend to last longer and are thicker than latex caps. The thickness might help keep your head warm in cold water, but it may also make the cap feel more constrictive and less comfortable.

Personally, I did not like the tight fit of the AZSPORT swim cap; I would rather have a cap with more flexibility. But if a tight fit is what you’re going for, then the AZSPORT swim cap might be right up your alley, and it is a very durable option. The AZSPORT swim cap kit also includes nose clips and ear plugs. You can find it here on Amazon.


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