What Love Looks Like

Review copy provided by Chosen Books.

What Love Looks Like is a collection of twelve true stories that show what the power of agape love looks like during difficult circumstances in life. The book is compiled by James W. Goll (who beautifully writes one of the stories), and includes Christian narratives from authors including Joan Hunter and James Maloney. One of my favorite stories was “The Love War” written by Patricia King, in which King discusses her journey toward God and away from destructive behaviors. I also enjoyed Harry R. Jackson Jr.’s inspirational words about not giving up during adversity. What Love Looks Like is a book that will apply to a lot of different people. Whether you feel lost in life or you’re just seeking a little encouragement, the book is a great read; each author sends a message of hope as they describe what agape love means to them. What Love Looks Like is available here on Amazon.

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