Zonabel Selfie Stick with Remote Control

Review product provided by the company.

I love my Zonabel selfie stick. It was the second selfie stick I tried; the first, which was manufactured by another company, was difficult to maneuver, and when I situated my phone inside the phone holder, it snapped at my fingers. But the Zonabel selfie stick was different – and great! I am primarily using it to hold a small camera, which is not that much bigger than a phone, so I just removed the phone holder segment and screwed my camera onto the monopod. I took it around for a few hours and did a lot of filming, and it was very comfortable as well as easy to use. Adjusting the stick to face different angles was easy, and making the stick longer or shorter was a breeze. If you plan to use it as a traditional selfie stick with your cell phone, you may enjoy the fact that this selfie stick comes with a remote control, so you can use the remote control to take pictures with your phone whether or not your phone is on the stick.

You can read more about Zonabel’s selfie stick here.

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