What a Bragger

Review copy provided by the publisher.

Earlier this year, I read Lee Ann Mancini’s wonderful children’s book Fast Freddy, so I was very excited to read another great book in the series, What a Bragger. Both books are illustrated by Dan Sharp. What a Bragger focuses on a blowfish named Melissa, who frequently brags (and lies) to the other sea creatures in her school. Her classmate Corey is upset about the bragging, but after he sees Melissa’s house, he finds out that she lives in poverty, and that her home situation is nothing like what she brags about. Corey and his classmates soon find a way to show Melissa that they care about her, and Melissa not only apologizes for her bragging, but thanks God for the blessings she has in her life.

What a Bragger is truly a spectacular story. It is very well-written, and the detailed illustrations look lovely. I just kept marveling at how vibrant and beautiful the pages were! The story is well crafted, and the plot and dialogue flow smoothly. This is one of those books that can really capture a child’s attention, and the words and pictures are very engaging. I am so glad to have both What a Bragger and Fast Freddy on my bookshelf!

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