A Heart’s Home

Review copy provided by the publisher.

I thought about taking a break from reviewing historical fiction. But when I noticed Colleen Coble’s novel A Heart’s Home, I knew I just had to read it! The book is set in the Wyoming Territory in 1866, and it focuses on Emmie Croftner, who is set to marry Isaac Liddle. But as (spoilers ahead) Emmie’s friend dies shortly after giving birth, Emmie promises to marry her friend’s husband and help raise her child. Consequently, Emmie must make a difficult decision – does she honor her promise, or follow her heart?

The novel is the sixth and final book in the Journey of the Heart series, but it is easy to jump right into. A Heart’s Home is a very quick read; it has 99 pages, and none of the pages are overloaded with text. But within this brief book, the author crafts such a wonderful story, and I loved getting to know each of the characters. Even though Emmie must overcome hardship, this book was a happy story to read, and I enjoyed the interesting historical elements that Coble inserted into the story.

You can learn more about A Heart’s Home here on Amazon.

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