The Chase: Trusting God with Your Happily Ever After


The Chase: Trusting God with Your Happily Ever After is jointly written by the young married couple Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. The book functions as a relationship advice guide while also chronicling how the Kupecky’s love story came to be. Kyle, a recording artist, and Kelsey, an actress/designer, talk about past dating experiences as well as the (sometimes negative) relationships of their acquiantances and friends, but they give out advice without bashing other couples or acting condescending. The book is slightly similar to (but better than) Josh Harris’ Boy Meets Girl, and the target audience would probably be young, single Christians girls with a complementarian mindset.

The Chase was a fun book to read, and I enjoyed learning about the Kupecky’s stories. When I was a single highschooler making lists of what I wanted my future husband to be like, I am sure I would have pored over this book! You can check out The Chase here on Amazon.

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