Yoga[Addict]™ Full Toe Socks


With threats such as MRSA and Athlete’s foot, some yoga participants choose to wear socks when they exercise. (And other yogis simply love the feel of wearing socks while doing yoga!) I tested out a pair of Yoga[Addict]’s full toe socks, and they were both comfortable and functional. The socks have grips on the bottom to prevent slipping, and when I tried them out during yoga, I didn’t lose my footing. Each pack comes with two pairs of socks, and consumers should be aware that the socks are 80% cotton, 14% spandex, and 6% PVC. You can purchase the socks in two sizes: Small/Medium (men’s shoe size 4-9 or women’s shoe size 5-10) and Medium/Large (men’s shoe size 9-11 or women’s shoe size 10-12). My Yoga[Addict] socks are black with yellow stripes (which remind me of a cute bumblebee), but the socks are also available in lavender, blue, pink, black, gray, black with gray or white stripes, and white with black stripes.

If you are a fan of toe socks, you will find Yoga[Addict]’s socks very comfy, and their non-slip quality helps provide a pleasant yoga experience. Click here to read more about Yoga[Addict]’s socks on Amazon.

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