Noah’s Ark (Little Words Matter)


Holli Conger has illustrated a darling Bible themed board book, Noah’s Ark (Little Words Matter). The drawings, which illustrate the story of Noah and the flood, are quite adorable, and each set of two pages includes one word that describes the illustrated scene, such as “ark” or “thankful.” In all, there are twenty-four pages in the book (and therefore, twelve scenes and twelve words).

This board book is a great way to teach children about the story of Noah’s Ark, and young readers will be able to identify the word on each set of pages. As parents and children look at each page, they will have a fun time describing what is going on. Perhaps children will be able to use this book as a story-telling tool, and narrate the plot of Noah and the ark as they journey from one page to the next.

You can find Noah’s Ark (Little Words Matter) here on Amazon.


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