The Mistress of Tall Acre


The Mistress of Tall Acre, written by Laura Frantz, is a period novel about Sophie Menzies and General Seamus Ogilvy, a couple who marry out of convenience rather than love. Seamus is a widower who may lose his daughter if he does not wed, and Sophie faces poverty without a husband. Frantz writes in a beautiful and captivating style, and I felt like I was transported back to 1783 Virginia while reading this novel. I have visited Colonial Williamsburg twice, so it was great to be swept up into a book in which post-war Williamsburg (shortly after the Colonial Period) was part of the story. The characters were likable, and I enjoyed seeing Sophie and Seamus get to know one another throughout the book. I also loved the adorable character Lily Cate, Seamus’ sweet daughter. If you’re looking for a good Christian fiction novel, you should definitely check out The Mistress of Tall Acre! You can find the book here on Amazon.

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