The Imposter (The Bishop’s Family)


The Imposter, written by Suzanne Woods Fisher, focuses on the young Amish woman Katrina Stoltzfus, who thinks she will marry her boyfriend John. But when Katrina’s family moves to Stoney Ridge and John’s feelings for her change, John turns out to be far different than Katrina thought. Now in her new community, Katrina has the attention of an amiable farm hand, Andy Miller. But can she trust Andy? Or will he deceive her like John did?

The Imposter is not your typical Amish Christian fictional novel, and (spoilers ahead!) the story even deals with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. I liked following along on Katrina’s journey and seeing her growth throughout the book; she showed both strength and bravery. Fisher crafts an engaging story, and I enjoyed seeing the characters interact against the pleasant backdrop of Stoney Ridge.

The Imposter is available here on Amazon. I also previously read two other Suzanne Woods Fisher books, The Heart of the Amish and Anna’s Crossing, both of which I recommend.

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