10 Things Great Dads Do


10 Things Great Dads Do: Strategies for Raising Great Kids by Rick Johnson is a book that encourages dads to become more involved in their children’s lives. The book outlines 10 major things that involved dads do, and throughout the book, Johnson provides plenty of key ideas, such as how to help boost your child’s self-esteem without leading to entitlement. I liked that Johnson emphasized the importance of friends; not only does he talk about helping your children choose their friends, but he also discusses how essential it is for a dad to have his own strong friendships. Johnson gives great suggestions on how to engage with your kids, and he talks about the value of supporting your children by using uplifting words. The advice is practical, and some of it may even seem simple, but there are many dads (and moms) who fail to take an active role in their children’s lives, which is why this book is so important.

10 Things Great Dads Do is available here on Amazon.

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