US Art Supply 6″ Small Purple Plastic Easels


US Art Supply’s six inch plastic easels come in a pack of twelve, and are available in sets of purple, black, pink, turquoise, red, white, and yellow. All of the easels stood upright at the correct angle, and they could easily adjust to various angles. Some parts of the plastic feel somewhat rough, including the tops of the easels, and may scratch against your skin if you get too close. I think that these easels would be most appropriate for displaying art in a gallery or at an art show, and should probably not be given to to children as party favors or playthings. Four of the twelve easels had a black smudge-like substance on them (perhaps ink?), which wiped off of the easel surface and onto my hands when I unknowingly touched the first smudge mark. I thought it was a fluke, until I saw that three other easels had the same substance on them.

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