Every Girl Gets Confused


Earlier this year, I read Every Bride Needs Groom, a charming fictional book by Janice Thompson. When I finished the book, I was very curious as to what would happen next, so I was happy to read Thompson’s sequel, Every Girl Gets Confused. In this second book, the protagonist Katie Fisher has already found love – and a great job – when her ex-fiance enters her life again. To further complicate things, Katie’s parents want her to move from Dallas back to her small town of Fairfield, Texas. With a lot of decisions to make, it’s easy for Katie to feel confused!

Every Girl Gets Confused is a humorous and engaging story. I liked how Thompson inserted Doris Day references throughout the book. The book has a quaint Texas vibe, and the setting nicely showcases elements from both big city and small town life. The first person writing gave the book a personal feel, and the dialogue was engaging. Katie’s love triangle was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing her relationship with her newfound love interest Brady continue from where it left off in the first book.

You can read more about Every Girl Gets Confused here.

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