Mr. Zip and the Capital Z

mr zip

Mr. Zip and the Capital Z by Kimberly Bryant-Palmer is a charming children’s story about the adventures of a boy named Peanut and an eccentric shopkeeper named Mr. Aloysious Zip, who time travel and learn about American history along the way. It is a fun book to read, and each chapter provides a subtle history lesson. For homeschooled children, this book could be used as part of an American history unit study.

The book promotes doing the right thing and having high character, and Bryant-Palmer writes the story with a Christian lens. Mr. Zip gives out sage wisdom, and child readers will easily be able to relate to young Peanut. The story is unique and original, and Bryant-Palmer writes with thoughtfulness and skill. The dialogue looks natural, and the text flows smoothly. The book is nicely accented with cute illustrations by Jerry Palmer, which further bring life to Bryant-Palmer’s characters.  With the combination of history and time travel, the book proves to be both educational and exciting. Mr. Zip and the Capital Z has an optimistic feel to it, showing readers that even after facing disappointment, life still has exciting adventures in store.

You can read more about Mr. Zip and the Capital Z here.

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