Good-Bye, Lover


Good-Bye, Lover: Sacrifice is the Hallmark of Genuine Love by Rachel Britz is a charming story about a young woman and the meaning of love, set against the backdrop of 1880 Ireland. Seventeen-year-old Nora has a passion for music and dearly loves her family’s heirloom fiddle, named “Lover.” But after Nora’s father dies, his will specifies that she must marry within a year in order to inherit the family’s estate.

It was interesting seeing Nora mature throughout the novel, as she makes weighty decisions and sacrifices. I also liked watching the book’s love story unfold, as Nora chooses who she will marry. Britz nicely crafted distinctly different male characters – Albert Edward, Leo, and Tremore – and I also appreciated the small touches Britz added to the book, such as the Irish dialect and scenes with Nora’s horse, Snow. I loved Nora’s passion for music and the way it positively influenced her life. Britz includes seven discussion questions at the end of the book, which would especially be helpful if this novel was used in a book club. Britz writes her book with eloquence, and I enjoyed reading this lovely story.

You can read more about Good-Bye, Lover here.

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