Caged Dove


Andrea Rodger’s novel Caged Dove addresses the highly relevant issue of bullying. The book spotlights the stories of Aniston, Arjay, and Maddie, as they each share their first person perspectives in alternating chapters. Aniston is a single mom whose husband has left her for another woman. Arjay is Aniston’s old high school crush, who is a single dad himself, and also a born-again Christian. And Maddie is a 15-year-old high school student who finds herself a victim of bullying – something that Aniston is no stranger to. Rodgers has a captivating writing style, and I was drawn into the three protagonist’s stories and emotions as they reflect on the past and move forward in their futures. Bullying is an extremely important topic, and it is wonderful that Rodgers uses her writing skills to shed light on this vital theme.

You can read more about Caged Dove here.

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