Ballroom Dance Mastery System: Step by Step Progressive Dance Lessons


DanceCrazy’s Ballroom Dance Mastery System DVD set provides step-by-step progressive dance lessons, as professional instructors demonstrate detailed instructions. If you’d like to emulate the dancers on Dancing with the Stars, this is a fun DVD set to try out. The DVD set covers a variety of ballroom dance styles: featuring 2 Waltz DVDs, 2 Swing DVDs, 2 Rumba DVDs, and 1 Foxtrot DVD. The discs cover over 12 hours of dance instruction. It is currently priced at $47, which doesn’t seem bad, considering private ballroom dance lessons aren’t cheap. In the past, I have looked for some swing dance lessons on YouTube, but the ones on the DVD were easier to learn from than any I found online. I thought the DVDs were very helpful, and it was easy to follow along the dancers’ instructions and copy their moves. This is definitely a DVD set that I will be hanging onto!

You can read more about the ballroom DVD here.


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