The Knot Outdoor Weddings


The Knot Outdoor Weddings by Carley Roney and the editors of The Knot is a lovely wedding inspiration book filled with beautiful photographs and helpful tips for planning an outdoor wedding. The book is a bit pricey – around $30 – and I imagine many brides would probably rather get their inspiration from than buy the book. However, it does seem like a good buy for a wedding planner, or anyone who plans to use the book for repeated events. The book was (nicely) larger than I anticipated; it is composed of 288 pages, 8.3 x 1 x 10.4 inches in height, and weighs a hefty (for a book) 2.7 pounds.

The photographs in the book are gorgeous, showcasing visually stunning venues adorned with magnificent flowers, centerpieces, and all sorts of decorations. Even if the book had no text, the photos alone give so many wonderful wedding planning ideas. I really liked how the book featured pictures from real couple’s weddings. The book has great tips for the bride and groom’s big day!

You can read more about The Knot Outdoor Weddings here.

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