Midnight Jesus: Where Faith, Struggle, and Grace Collide…


Midnight Jesus: Where Faith, Struggle, and Grace Collide… by psychotherapist and crisis interventionist Jamie Blaine is a book about people in crisis. These people are found in all sorts of places: from psych wards and emergency rooms to churches and skating rinks. Blaine masterfully weaves together these people’s stories, as they look for hope and faith during very difficult times.

With wit and excellent narration, Blaine presents a Christian message and relatable content, with his insightful viewpoint as a psychotherapist. Midnight Jesus is based on true accounts and real people, but the individuals’ stories have been changed so that they are no longer personally identifiable. As a result, Midnight Jesus feels like a fiction book – and a humorous and entertaining one at that.

The tales have an authentic feel to them, and the use of captivating dialogue draws the reader in, as if he or she was right there. The wide range of people represented in the book makes for an interesting read, and the colorful settings give the book a unique tone.

You can read more about Midnight Jesus here.

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