Soins de bébé Breastfeeding Cover


The Soins de bébé Breastfeeding Cover is a 95 x 70 cm cotton cover-up used for nursing. The cover-up also comes with a white cloth (not pictured), a plastic bracelet to keep track of feedings, and a matching duffle bag that is small, but big enough to hold the aforementioned items. The cover and bag come in a cute purple paisley print.

The cover-up is lightweight and has an adjustable hoop neckline that allows for ventilation. Obviously, ventilation is key during breastfeeding, and reminds us that “re-breathing the air under a blanket can be dangerous for a baby.” You can read more about the Soins de bébé Breastfeeding Cover here.

Hoop neckline
The plastic bracelet comes with a sliding dial to keep track of feedings.

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