All Aboard the Ark


All Aboard the Ark is a precious children’s board book by Zonderkidz about the animals in Noah’s Ark. The drawings are cute, and I think that children will love looking at the pairs of animals, which consist of lions, giraffes, rabbits, elephants, turtles, and doves. Each of the left-facing pages feature text, and each of the right-facing pages feature drawings. The text rhymes, and early readers will be able to read along with the lines. (One page says, “Rain has stopped. Safe and sound. What’s this leaf that birdie found?”) The book reminds children of the story of Noah’s Ark, reiterating God’s “forever love.”

I like the color scheme of the book, which incorporates a lot of pastels. The drawings reminded me of an adorable nursery theme. Because the book only features six sets of animals, children are able to focus on each one. I also like how the animals look like they are all friends with each other. The story makes their trip in the ark and their arrival on dry land seem like a pleasant journey. Throughout the book, the animals looked happy and cheerful. One of my favorite pages was after all of the animals had left the ark, and they walk on dry land as a rainbow shines in the background.

You can read more about All Aboard the Ark here.

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